Venus Viva Treatment

Venus Viva Treatment

  • Venus Viva helps to reduce sign of aging for a fresher, more youthful look, decrease visible pores for even skin texture.

    Venus viva uses Nano-Fractional Radio Frequency and smartscan technology to deliver energy through the epidermis to the dermis, generating heat while stimulating broblasts and rebuilding collagen. The results are tighter skin, improved skin texture, reduced scarring and more, in a safe and effective treatment.

    Venus Viva Treatment in Mumbai, Idia

    Venus viva helps to reduce sign of aging for a fresher, more youthful look, decrease visible pores for even skin texture, even out textural irregularities for refined looking skin, reduce acne scars for a clearer and healther complexion, diminish deep lines and folds for younger looking skin, smooth neckless lines to reduce the sign of aging, tighten & firm lax skin for a firmer décolleté by Best Cosmetic Surgeon and Obesity Consultant – Dr. Monica Jacob.

Why a person opts for Face Scar Removal Treatment?

scar is patch or a mark which seems to be appearing on the skinScars can also occur as a result from normal healing procedureScars can sometime appear in a noticeable manner which is considered as a dark hole on the appearance of the person which reflects the wrong personality of a person over others. So it becomes very necessary to treat the scars at right time. As a solution of these situations, Skin Scars Removal Treatment would be considered as a best taken step.

Introducing the VENUS VIVA

How Much Cost of Face Scar Removal Treatment–

Venus viva is the next generation in Skin Resurfacing & Facial Remodelling. It combines Nanofractional Radio frequency & SmartScan Technology to effectively treat textural irregularities, ScaringWrinkles & Stretch marks.

Rapid Recovery

Venus Viva allows you to continue with your daily activities immediately after treatments. You may experience mild redness post treatment. You can resume wearing makeup one day after treatment.

Full Rejuvenation

This technology is proven to effectively tighten the skin, improve texture, & correct pigmentation, rosacea & acne scaring.

Safe for All Skin Types

Venus Viva is safe & effective for use during all seasons, on skin types. Ask your doctor if Venus Viva is right for you.

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How Much Cost of Venus Viva Treatment-

The Cost of  Venus Viva treatment will depend relatively upon the skin type, scheme, depth, volume and other facilities catering on your needs and desires from the procedure. For an estimate on how much your procedure may cost, we recommend that you communicate Bodyz Wellness Now! On +91 9819072175 or OR OR Contact Us and get the best chance to know about your procedures and related clubbed offers from our cosmetic counselor experts.

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