Thread lift (Face & Body)

Thread lift (Face & Body)

    • Are you looking forward for adorable and rejuvenated skin?
    • Do you want to enhance natural look of your face like face lift non surgically?
    • Do you want an instant glowing skin?
    • Do you want a non invasive face lift surgery?
    • Do you want to appear younger and glowy without even a use of surgery?

    If yes it is then, choosing Thread Uplifts (also known as Thread Face liftprocedure would be considered as a best for a non invasive cosmetic surgical treatment.

Why people choose Thread Uplift Treatment?

Face threads are considered most suitable and convenient way to alter the means of traditional facelift treatmentThreads Face Uplift thread treatment is specially designed in a way that it can reduce the sagginess at jaw lines, neck, and cheek at zero risk and make your skin at the face glowy, well toned and youngerFacethread lift offers an excellent result together with a quicker recovery. Face thread is also advantageous on a viewpoint that it much more affordable and cost effective compared to other forms of face lift treatment.

Thread Face lift Treatment in Mumbai:

Well, not all cosmetic treatments involve surgeries. Thread Uplift Treatment is one wonder treatment that can give you a firmer, younger and smoother skin on the face within no time. Thread Face liftprocedure is a treatment where a special kind of face threads is used during the face thread lift to discreetly lift the facial tissues and to reposition the skin after treatment.  It reduces the sagging around the jaw line, neck and cheeks quicker and with almost zero risk. This procedure generally provides immediate noticeable results of the facelift which terms to be the best advantage of pursuing this treatment.

Procedure of Thread Uplift Treatment:

At Bodyz Wellness, The first step in a Thread UpliftThread Face Lift Treatment is the analysis of the skin’s condition. This is carried out using a light box and careful examination by a trained physician. This part of the procedure is intended to discover specific areas of concern that can be addressed during the Thread Uplift Treatment. The facethreadlift procedure involves the insertion of threads, made up of polypropylene, which are inserted under the skin on your face in order to repair the concern areas and make the skin smoother and younger as desire of the patient. The results can be seen immediate after treatment by Best Cosmetic Surgeon – Dr. Monica Jacob.

Common FAQs of Thread Uplift Treatment:

Who can be ideal candidate for treatment?

Thread Uplift Treatment is ideal for people who want to look younger, and enjoy fantastic results that simply can’t be obtained using traditional over-the-counter products without having to resort to cosmetic surgery.

How long a Thread Uplift Treatment takes?

Normally it will be depending upon the conditions and circumstances. On an average it takes thirty minutes to conclude the results.

Does this procedure take assistance of anaesthesia?

Local anaesthesia is typically used for the procedure. It can also be combined with light sedation if needed as per discretion of surgeon.

When can a patient return to his/her normal life?

The patient can gradually return to its normal routine after two or three days after post treatment.

What post operative care is to be taken for better prospects?

It is very necessary that patient discuss all the aspects which he experiences during the post period, as well as the patient must follow regular consultation and medication regular upto prescribed time. This will give the best expected outcome.

Thread Lift/Thread FaceLift Treatment Before After Photos-

How Much Cost of Thread Lift/Thread FaceLift Treatment-

The Cost of Thread Lift treatment OR Thread FaceLift Treatment for faceskinbody will depend relatively upon the skin type, scheme, depth, volume and other facilities catering on your needs and desires from the procedure. For an estimate on how much your proceduremay cost, we recommend that you communicate Bodyz Wellness Now! On +91 9819072175 or OR Contact Us and get the best chance to know about your procedures and related clubbed offers from our cosmetic counselor experts.

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