Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment

  • Are you experiencing feeling of embarrassment because of aging effect to your skin?
  • Is your skin losing its glow and effectiveness in noticeable manner?
  • Are you having confusion in choosing to have less invasive and more effective procedure for skintreatment at once?
  • Do you want to heal your skin concerns with best ideal procedure?
  • Are you looking for an ideal procedure for hair and tattoo removal in best effective manner?

If yes, then choosing Laser Treatment for your skin concerns would be considered as best as its treatment.

Why People choose Laser Treatment?

Skin is considered as an one of the most important part of the body for which a person is concerned of every time when it comes to be seeking attractiveness and attention as being social beings. The person’s exposure depend lots upon composition of the skin so it becomes very necessary that man peeks at its seriousness. As when the time passes the skin of the person at some time tends to lose its firmness and composure, so it is very necessary to take right steps at right time. The main reason behind selection of Laser Treatment is due to it is less invasive, quick in recovery and less troublesome in its aspects. It also holds the place for the best delivering treatment in terms of skin treatment.

Laser Treatment:

This procedure will help your skin to get lift from the sagginess which gathers due to accumulation of excess fat deposit. It also softens the deep lines, removing your wrinkles from your face and different part of the body. Laser skin Treatment is minimally less invasive. Laser Skin Treatment also helps the patients in removing unwanted skin tags such as Tattoosand hairs. Laser Skin Treatment helps patients achieving fair and younger looking skin with long lasting fair results.

Procedure of Laser Skin Treatment:

Laser Skin Treatment is a specialised technological treatment and done by Best Cosmetic Surgeon – Dr. Monica Jacob, in which the process uses an infrared source (a laser rays) to repair the skin by heating under the skin surface. This Frequency of laser is applied over the skin that is to be treated in order to surface it properly. The various forms of LaserTreatments for we are well recognised includesQ-Switched Laser, Fractional Co2 Laser, LaserHair removal, Mask Laser, Resurfacing Laser and Tattoo Removal Laser Treatment.

Here are the Type of Laser Treatments:

Common FAQs for Skin Treatment:

Who is considered as an ideal candidate for Laser Treatment?

The person with normal elasticity of skin with good health conditions, and is capable for coping with normal effects of laser. Other than this, the patient must be realistic in expectations from the surgery and expectations.

What will be the period of recovery of Laser Treatment?

Normally, the patient can return to their normal life within few days or hours from surgery depending upon the degree of procedure done and skin conditions of a candidate.

Laser Treatment Before After Photos-

How Much Cost of Laser Treatment–

The Cost of laser treatment will depend relatively upon the skin type, scheme, depth, volume and other facilities catering on your needs and desires from the procedure. For an estimate on how much yourprocedure may cost, we recommend that you communicate Bodyz Wellness Now! On +91 9819072175 or OR OR Contact Us and get the best chance to know about your procedures and related clubbed offers from our cosmetic counselor experts.

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